Welcome to PainCare Medical Group

Since 1991, PainCare has grown alongside our community to become the leading pain management center in southern California, specializing in the treatment of joint, neck and back pain, focusing on sports medicine and non-surgical treatments. We help our patients live and enjoy active Orange County lifestyle.

Professional, High Quality Care

PainCare's Board Certified, fellowship trained doctors are experienced in performing highly specialized minimally-invasive procedures for treating pain at the problem's source. PainCare's treatment team includes specialty nurses, physical therapists and clinic staff. From the moment you arrive to the moment you leave, we strive to bring comfort to your visit.

Individualized, Patient-Focused, Non-Surgical Treatments

Even in today's "Big Box" culture, we still value individuality and boutique-quality service. Our single-specialty facility not only allows us to better control inventory and cost, but also allows us to minimize risks, such as infection, associated with multi-specialty facilities. We make your life easier. We do it better.

State-of-The-Art, Evidence-Based, Best Care Practice

Technology can help or it can harm. When technology is used wisely, and a patient selected well, whether it's a new medication or a new treatment, lives are improved. But when technology is utilized overzealously, not only is it not likely to be of benefit, it can actually harm. Primum non nocer - "first do no harm" continues to be our guiding principle.

Health, Wellness. Sound Body, Sound Mind

We incorporate techniques that help patients lead a healthier lifestyle. From proper diet, to activities, to weight-loss to recreation, there are many things that one can do to not only live healthier, but also to reduce pain. We help our patients reach their optimal wellness.

We Care About Our Community

Youth sport injury is increasing common - and this may be just the tip of the iceberg. Many children go on to develop chronic pain. We are beginning to see young adults with worn out bodies that we used to see only in retired professional athletes. Growth plate injury, torn ACL, post-concussion syndrome, herniated discs, slipped vertebrae and fractures are increasingly common, and at earlier age. Lives are altered. We seek to help people better understand youth sport.

A Model Pain Center, in the Heart of Orange County

Staffed by Board Certified Pain Specialists, PainCare has put the best of spinal pain care, sports medicine, interventional treatments, physical medicine, and medical management altogether in Irvine, in the heart of Orange County, California. PainCare is the facility of choice for evaluating and treating muscle, joint, neck and back pain, utilizing non-surgical advanced treatments to prevent acute injuries from progressing to chronic pain syndromes. PainCare specialists are Board Certified by the American Board of Pain Medicine. In addition, our doctors are Board certified by either the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation or the American Board of Anesthesiology. PainCare Medical Group and our Surgicenter are fully accredited by both the American Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) and Center for Medicare Services.

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Our doctors work as a team. Dr. Ho is a Harvard trained Pain Specialist and Anesthesiologist with 25 years of practice experience. Dr. Lai, a Doctor of Osteopathy, is a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist with expertise in neurodiagnostics, sports medicine and radiofrequency procedures.


We welcome patients whether by physician or self-referral. Our doctors are members of medical staff at local hospitals and are active in medicine. They do not however accept work as paid consultants for any drug company or other interested concerns. We serve our patients only.


Most of our patients are referred by health professionals. Over the years we have developed strong ties with many of the best doctors and medical groups in Southern California. We work together with various specialists, as a team, to find the right help for our patients. We welcome new referrals.


We accept most insurances. High premiums and the sour economy have made insurance unattainable for many. While a governmental fix remains elusive, we help by passing on the savings achieved when less paperwork, time and labor are needed for treating patients without insurance claims.


Your visit starts with a detailed history, physical examination and record review.


Advanced nerve blocks and procedures for treating pain at the root of the problem.


Personalized attention for immediate relief and long term wellness strategies.


Pain medications are best prescribed by the right doctors for the right patients.