A Good Walk Spoiled, Often by an Injury

July 6, 2009
New York Times

Ever been on vacation, played golf three days in a row, then couldn’t get out of bed the next morning because your back was on fire?

Ever gone to the driving range to fix your slice, tried a new swing tip and left with an aching elbow?

Ever swung at a ball next to a tree, hit a root beneath the ball and had a stabbing pain shoot through your wrist?

Congratulations, you’ve had a golf-related injury, which puts you in a group of about 18 million Americans. Golf injuries? I’m kidding, right? What’s a golf injury?

Poking yourself with a scorecard pencil? Foot blisters from that sand in your shoe? A sprained ankle from chasing the beverage cart?

A lot of people don’t even think golf is a sport. How can it have its own category of injuries?

“Golf is actually a demanding athletic activity that puts tremendous stress on the body and has a high injury rate,” said Dr. Larry Foster, an orthopedist in Carmel, N.Y., whose book, “Dr. Divot’s Guide to Golf Injuries,” details ailments and how to prevent them. More…