Advice For Novice Runners Who Want To Avoid Injury

Apr. 12 2009

Angela Mulholland, News Staff

When the weather finally warms, spring is a time when many people think of dusting off their sneakers and taking up running.

And why not? Running is pretty simple. Not much to master, really; just put one foot in front of the other and you’re off and running.

But while springtime is a great time to hit your fitness stride, it’s also a time when many winter couch potatoes-turned-wannabe marathoners get hurt — or just plain sore. Just ask Toronto-based sports medicine physician Dr. Grant Lum. He’s seen hundreds of running injuries at his clinic, Athletic Edge Sports Medicine.

“We see a lot of sprains and strains in the areas of their bodies that are not ready for the rigourous activity that they’re plunging into,” he tells “So that is usually knee pain, back pain and foot pain. Those are probably the three most common injuries.”

The classic mistake novice runners make is trying to run too far, too hard or too often, in too short a period of time. More…