Athletics: Career-ending Injuries Leave Mental Scars

By Martin Renzhofer
The Salt Lake Tribune
Article Last Updated: 06/30/2008 01:55:48 AM MDT

… To be an athlete at a high level requires passion and dedication. To compete at such a high level requires high intensity as well as physical and mental health.

What happens when injury forces an athlete, such as Schlauder, to have her dream snatched away while still in her prime? She is hardly alone.

A study by the University of Iowa revealed that 21 percent out of 21,000 surveyed in 351 high schools were forced to retire from sport; as many as 66 percent of all NFL players’ retirement was the direct result of serious injury.

According to Keith , a sports psychologist in Salt Lake City, athletes experience a variety of emotional stages, starting with denial, depression, recognition before trying to cope. More…