British Breasts Really Are A Pain In The Back

24 November 2008
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One thing that certainly won’t be on women’s Christmas wish list this year is bigger breasts.

Contrary to popular belief, figures released today by and The British Chiropractic Association have revealed that a quarter of UK women would actually like to make their breasts smaller.

The reason why? Breasts are a pain in the back for the nation. 70% of women surveyed admitted to having had suffered from back pain at some point in their lives and nearly half (47%) claim their breast size affects their posture.

According to the research, the average British bra size currently measures in at a substantial 34DD, so support should be the key priority when buying a bra. But women continue to place fashion over well being with 83% admitting that the appearance of a bra is a key factor when purchasing one whilst a mere 1% consider how supportive a bra is to be an important variable. More…