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Travel Tips for Back Pain Sufferers

June 24, Holidaying is one of our favourite pastimes but for back pain sufferers, discomfort while on holiday can put a dampener on the fun. We all need a holiday to recharge our batteries, but with back pain affecting almost 80 percent of us at some time in our lives, a combination of hectic preparations, uncomfortable journeys and emotional …

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Airline Travelers Willing to Pay More for a Spine-friendly Seat

SpineUniverse survey found that 88% of travelers have back or neck pain after a typical flight. 2008Aug 14, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) — In a survey conducted by during the summer of 2008, 88% of people who had flown in North America in the last year reported that they had back or neck pain–or both–after a typical flight on United, …

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