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Surprise Path to Better Sex: Hip Surgery

Surprise Path to Better Sex: Hip Surgery By TARA PARKER-POPE Want better sex? Consider getting a new hip or knee. Before Mary Ann Oklesson, a Manhattan magazine publisher, had both hips replaced a few years ago, the pain of arthritis made it difficult to walk, exercise or even climb into a taxi. Her failing hips had also taken a toll on her sex …

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A Call for a Warning System on Artificial Joints

July 29, 2008The Evidence GapBy BARRY MEIER, NEW YORK TIMES Dr. Lawrence Dorr, a nationally known orthopedic surgeon in Los Angeles, realized last year that something was very wrong with some of his patients. Months after routine hip replacements, patients who had expected to live without pain were in agony. “The pain was grabbing me around the back,” said Stephen …

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