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For Back Pain Sufferers, Surgery Isn’t Always The Answer

Back pain sufferers can wind up desperate for relief. But just because a treatment is new, expensive or elaborate doesn’t mean it will actually make you feel better. By Amber DanceThe Los Angeles Times January 9, 2009 An aching back — a dull twinge or a stabbing pain, lasting days or years — is a source of annoyance, misery or …

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Spinal Surgery to Get You on Your Feet Faster

DECEMBER 29, 2008, 10:10 P.M. ET By LAURA JOHANNESThe Wall Street Journal A new minimally invasive spinal surgery trims hospital stays and affords a shorter recovery time than traditional methods, says a company that sells equipment used in the procedure. Physicians say the surgery trims recovery times but say more research is needed on its efficacy. More…PainCareMD

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Study Investigates The Cost Effectiveness Of Spinal Surgery

Dec 29 2008 Contact: Deborah SongRush University Medical Center (Chicago) Back pain affects more than 80 percent of people and costs more than $100 billion annually in the U.S. But is the surgery cost effective? A study by researchers at Rush University Medical Center suggests that for patients with spinal stenosis, a laminectomy, or surgical removal of some soft bone …

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