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Study: Fibromyalgia Sufferers’ Pain Is Mainly In The Brain

Los Angeles TimesNovember 3, 2008 The pain that is the hallmark of the condition called fibromyalgia doesn’t show up on images and scans of muscle and bone — a fact that has led many sufferers to be dismissed as hypochondriacs. But it is there in the brain for all to see — all, at least, who happen to have a …

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Tired Of Being Misunderstood – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

As a major conference on chronic fatigue syndrome and its related conditions prepares to hit town, we look at the effects this often devastating illness can have — and the hope for those who are dealing with it. Michele MagnanCalgary HeraldThursday, October 09, 2008 Q&A with Dr. Alison Bested Dr. Alison Bested is one of a handful of Canadian doctors …

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