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The Problem of Breast Pain in Women Who Exercise

By GRETCHEN REYNOLDS In the days before the London Marathon last year, scientists from the Research Group in Breast Health at the University of Portsmouth in England approached female racers at the event’s registration center and asked them to complete an anonymous questionnaire about their exercise habits and breast health. Gretchen Reynolds on the science of fitness. Marathon, half-marathon, 10K …

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Top 10 Exercise Injuries For Women

August 11, 2009By Mark DilworthEmpowher – Women’s Health Online Exercise injuries are as common as exercise itself, whether it be women or men doing the exercise. In coming articles, I will discuss injury prevention for each of the 10 exercise injuries that will be discussed in this article. According to a study published by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, …

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That Little Voice Inside Your Twinge

June 24, 2009By GINA KOLATANew York Times A COLLEAGUE of mine at The Times who is a triathlete had a question: Everyone tells you to listen to your body, but what are you supposed to listen to? Turns out it’s not so obvious. Deena Kastor, the American record holder for the marathon, interprets the advice selectively. “Running isn’t always comfortable,” …

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