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Use of Complementary Medical Therapies Plateaus

December 10, 2008Shari RoanLos Angeles Times 1990, people were stunned when a Harvard researcher published a report showing that more than one-third of Americans use complementary and alternative medicine. But the trend seems to be softening, and even the definition of what constitutes CAM therapy is becoming somewhat problematic. A federal government survey released today shows only a 2% growth …

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Alternative Medicine Under the Microscope

By Susan Okie,who is a physician and a national correspondent for the New England Journal of MedicineWashington PostThursday, October 2, 2008 TRICK OR TREATMENT The Undeniable Facts About Alternative Medicine By Simon Singh and Edzard Ernst Norton. 342 pp. $25.95 …Some forms of alternative medicine have been studied extensively, and the results (not surprisingly) are mixed. Homeopathy, the authors conclude, …

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