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Mayo Clinic: Effectiveness of Laser Spine Surgery for Pain Relief Remains Unproven

August 27, 2009Aurora Sentinel The purpose of spine surgery typically is to relieve pain and other symptoms by decreasing pressure on a compressed spinal nerve or by stabilizing the spine. Surgery may involve removing a herniated or damaged portion of a disk in the spine (discectomy); removing the back part of the bone that covers the spinal canal (laminectomy); removing …

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Injection Therapy for Back Pain Relief

March 12, 2009By Louis Neipris, M.D., Staff Writer, myOptumHealthThe Kansas CW Your meds take the edge off your back pain, but it’s not enough. Your pain keeps you from your physical therapy appointments. Now your doctor has offered you injection therapy. You have heard that injections may help, but you still have questions. What is injection therapy? Injection therapy for …

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