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Redefining Medicine With Apps and iPads

  By KATIE HAFNER SAN FRANCISCO — Dr. Alvin Rajkomar was doing rounds with his team at the University of California, San Francisco Medical Center when he came upon a puzzling case: a frail, elderly patient with a dangerously low sodium level. As a third-year resident in internal medicine, Dr. Rajkomar was the senior member of the team, and the …

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Abuses Are Found in Online Sales of Medication

NEW YORK TIMESERIK ECKHOLMPublished: July 9, 2008 A large majority of 365 Internet sites that advertise or sell controlled medications by mail are offering to supply the drugs without a proper prescription, according to a new study. The online trade is stoking the rising abuse of addictive and dangerous prescription drugs, the authors and federal officials say. Drugs offered online …

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