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Relieve Hip Pain Without Surgery

September 30, Hip pain can be a sign of many medical conditions. Some disorders, such as severe arthritis could, in time, require a hip replacement. But others, such as bursitis, can be managed with much less invasive treatment options. Exercise may help in some situations, but not all. Before you pursue treatment for hip pain, or start an exercise …

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Study Says Too Many Arthroscopic Knee Surgeries

The Associated PressBy LINDA A. JOHNSON – Sep 10, 2008 Two studies call into question whether many people with arthritis are needlessly undergoing one of the most common operations in America: arthroscopic knee surgery. One finds that surgery is no better than medication and physical therapy for relieving the pain and stiffness of moderate or severe arthritis. The other reveals …

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Knee Pain More Likely In Overweight Or Obese Individuals.

Don’t do it for yourself — but for your kneesSeptember 3, 2008Los Angeles Times If your knees are pain-free, enjoy it while you can. Almost half of Americans will develop knee osteoarthritis by the time they’re 85, new research suggests. If the nation keeps packing on the pounds, that number could rise. Extra weight is hard on the knees, which …

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