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The Boy With a Thorn in His Joints

  By SUSANNAH MEADOWS When my son, Shepherd, was 3 years old, he and his twin brother, Beau, took soccer lessons for the first time. They were so excited that they slept in their uniforms — a purple T-shirt with a yellow star kicking the ball with one of its points — the night before their first practice. But when …

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Talk Therapy for Kids’ Pain: Better than Pills?

Tuesday, Mar. 03, 2009By John CloudTIME Some children, like some adults, have chronic, unexplainable pain. They have backaches every day or their legs and feet hurt every day or their necks throb constantly — and no one is sure why. Doctors call this pain idiopathic, a medical term for “we have no clue.” Idiopathic pain arises spontaneously and without a …

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Circumcision Debate Pits Science Vs. Religion

Nov 26, 2008Sally BALTIMORE (WJZ) ― A circumcision debate is pitting science against religion. It’s the same basic procedure whether it’s done in the hospital or the home. But as Sally Thorner explains, there is one major difference. Two babies–both newborn boys–are having very different experiences. Like 70% of males, they are circumcised, but their response is pitting science …

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