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Pre-Pregnancy Exercise May Not Prevent Back Pain

Wed Dec 31, 2008REUTERS NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Pre-pregnancy physical activity may not influence whether or not a woman will have persistent low back or pelvic pain after pregnancy, suggest researchers from Sweden. However, about half of the women with persistent lower back or pelvic pain 6 months after delivery reported similar levels of leisure-time physical activity as did …

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Health Tip: Sciatica Pain During Pregnancy

Suggestions that may helpDecember 10, 2008 (HealthDay News) — As the developing baby inside you grows, it can begin to press on a sciatic nerve. This can cause pain that can extend from your lower back to your foot. Here are suggestions to help reduce sciatica pain during pregnancy, courtesy of the American Pregnancy Association: Whenever you can, lie down …

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Motherhood Can Bring On Lingering Troubles With Back Soreness

By Linda Dums • For The Post-Crescent • July 26, 2008 Back pain is a common ailment for pregnant women. But it can linger after pregnancy because of all the lifting and bending and carrying that comes with caring for a baby. However, the back pain prevention and management methods women learned about during pregnancy, such as how to stand, …

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