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Ask Well: Exercises for Shoulder Pain

By GRETCHEN REYNOLDS What are some exercises and tips for those of us with shoulder (rotator cuff) injuries and pain? It seems to be very common. You are certainly right that sore shoulders are common, especially as a person ages. About half of all middle-aged tennis players suffer from shoulder pain, according to a 2012 study in The British Journal of Sports …

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Sporting Activity Following Discectomy For Lumbar Disc Herniation

By Verena Dollinger, MD; Alois A. Obwegeser, MD, MSc, MAS; Michael Gabl, MD; Peter Lackner, MD; Michael Koller, MD; Klaus Galiano, MD ORTHOPEDICS 2008; 31:756 August 2008 Abstract The aim of this study was to investigate to what extent patients could resume physical activity following surgery for herniated lumbar disks… Conclusion Single-level lumbar disk surgery does not limit sport participation …

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