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Stressful Jobs Impede Recovery from Back Pain

Written by Piyush Joshi Wednesday, 01 April WEDNESDAY, April 1, (News Locale) – If you have a job that stresses you mentally and causes depression, you may be liable to fall a victim to back injuries and what is more, these injuries persist for a long time even on institution of proper treatment. These are the findings of a …

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Watch Your Back In The Credit Crunch

Rising stress levels needn’t bring pain, says Marianne Oct 2008 If the recession is making you work longer hours hunched over your keyboard, stress levels rocketing, take care. Your body may start complaining. ”We’ve noticed a 25 per cent increase in neck and shoulder pain since the onset of the credit crunch,’’ says registered osteopath Thomas Sheehan, senior tutor …

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Is Pain All In The Mind?

From The Times OnlineJuly 26, 2008 New research shows why some people are better at coping with pain than others. Pain is a simple enough concept to grasp. You stub your toe, shout, perhaps utter a few expletives, rub it better and it eventually fades. But neuroscientists are realising that pain is much more complex than anyone thought possible, comprising …

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