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Tai Chi Shown to Ease Back Pain

After 10 weeks, the tai chi group reported that, on a 10-point scale, their pain was reduced by 1 point and they found the pain 1.3 points less bothersome. By comparison, the control group experienced an increase in both pain and how bothersome the pain was. The tai chi group also reported greater improvements in their disability levels than the …

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Tai Chi Helps Cut Pain Of Knee Arthritis

Sun Oct 26, 2008 WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The traditional Chinese form of exercise known as tai chi can help reduce pain and physical impairment in people who have knee arthritis, researchers said on Saturday. In their study, one group of people in their 60s with severe knee osteoarthritis performed tai chi for an hour twice a week for 12 weeks …

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Tai Chi, Stress-Free Exercise

Breathing. Relaxation. Strength. Balance. Joint Protection.Tai Chi is a complete exercise for both the young and the old. Dr. L. Ho

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