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Which Diet Works?

By MARK BITTMAN One of the challenges of arguing that hyperprocessed carbohydrates are largely responsible for the obesity pandemic (“epidemic” is no longer a strong enough word, say many experts) is the notion that “a calorie is a calorie.” Accept that, and you buy into the contention that consuming 100 calories’ worth of sugar water (like Coke or Gatorade), white …

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Baby Steps Will Help You Lose Weight…and Keep it Off!

August 26, 2009Examiner.comAmy Capetta Earlier this year, I had interviewed a 51-year-old woman named Jane who had recently dropped over 130 pounds. Just hearing about her new-found enthusiasm for life—not to mention hearing the energy in her voice—actually made me feel like signing up for the NYC marathon! (Okay, I didn’t. But I did work out to a dance DVD …

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