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How a Warm-Up Routine Can Save Your Knees

By¬†GRETCHEN REYNOLDS Rupturing an anterior cruciate ligament in the knee is a nightmare. As the parent of a teenage son who is seven months out from A.C.L. reconstruction surgery, I can attest to the physical and psychological toll it can take, not to mention the medical bills. But a practical new study suggests that changing how sports teams warm up …

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Favorite Excuse Not to Run: It Hurts My Back

Wed, 08/06/2008 – 1:00pm by FitSugar For some women, running hurts their knees, shins, or chest, but another common complaint is back pain. Your back can either hurt during a run, directly afterward, or even the next day. Back pain can make it hard to sleep, walk, work, or sit at a desk, and it will definitely make you never …

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Female Sports Injuries Soar

Athletes getting hurt at higher rate than men, research findsSharon Kirkey, Canwest News ServicePublished: Saturday, August 02, 2008The Windsor Star An ACL is a tiny ligament the size of a pinky that stabilizes the knee. When it ruptures or tears — and Michael Sokolove prefers the word rupture “because it just sort of disintegrates and turns into mush” — it …

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