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Really? The Claim: Taking a Walk After a Meal Aids Digestion

By ANAHAD O’CONNOR For many people, the food-induced stupor that often follows a big meal is a good excuse for a nap. But for some, a brief walk shortly after eating is a quick way to burn some calories and aid digestion.   Over the years, researchers have found that a post-meal walk, as short as 15 minutes, can in …

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Ask Well: Squats for Aging Knees

Ask Well: Squats for Aging Knees By GRETCHEN REYNOLDS Ask Well I’m looking for exercises to strengthen aging knees. I’m in my late 60s, and I take part in dancing, weightlifting and yoga. All this makes me feel good, gives me plenty of energy and helps me control my weight. But my knees hurt enough to make me wonder how …

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Take Time to Stretch

September 2009Toyourhealth.comChelsea Cooper Let’s face it, most people do not enjoy stretching. If you think about it, it’s probably close to the bottom of your list of priorities when you work out or do any other type of physical activity. In fact, stretching is probably the most overlooked aspect of physical fitness, and yet it is one of the most …

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