Combat Muscle Pain, Improve Workouts with Myofascial Release: Q & A with Fitness Pro Doug Jackson

July 9, 2009
By Kim Tobin

Self myofascial release techniques (SMRT), although not new, are becoming more popular among athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike.

Doug Jackson, M.Ed.,CSCS, South Florida personal trainer and owner of, took some time to discuss these techniques. He explained what they are and how they’re being used to improve the quality of muscle tissue, increase performance and lower the risk of injuries and pain.

Q: As a fitness professional, what are some new methods you’re using to enhance clients’ results?

The only things that have really changed in training over the last few years are new recovery methods. These include the use of special tools and a technique called self myofascial release. When used properly, they can improve the quality of muscle tissue, decrease pain, lower the risk of injury and boost exercise performance. More…