For Amateur Golfers, A Bad Swing Can Be A Real Pain

Houston Chronicle
Oct. 19, 2008

The empirical, which is to say observable, evidence suggests many amateur golfers don’t think they need to be physically fit to hit the links every Saturday morning after a week of wheeling and dealing from behind the desk.

Nothing could be further from the truth according to physical therapist Russ Paine. As a five-handicapper, Paine speaks with authority about both golf and fitness.

“Most guys — especially older golfers — tend to be stiff, or just weak and flabby,” Paine says. “When you bend to address the ball, you have to be flexible. If your hamstrings are tight, you can’t get in the right position. If you’re weak, you can’t maintain core stability. Your hips slide and that produces a swing that loads up your spine in a very bad way. More…