Fortune 500s Waste $500 Million a Year on Unnecessary Back Surgeries

Consumer Medical Resource
June 24, 2008

Fortune 500s Waste Over $500 Million a Year on Unnecessary Back Surgeries for Workers
Over $1.5 Billion Lost in Worker Productivity Says Two-Year Findings

PEMBROKE, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Fortune 500s spend over $500 million a year on avoidable back surgeries for their workers and lose as much as $1.5 billion in indirect costs associated with these procedures in the form of missed work and lost productivity, according to a two-year study by Consumers Medical Resource (CMR).

CMRs study, Back Surgery: A Costly Fortune 500 Burden, found one out of three workers recommended for back surgery by their doctor said they avoided an unnecessary procedure after being given independent, high-quality medical research on their diagnosed condition and treatment options. In addition, those patients that refused surgery and opted for alternative and less invasive procedures to treat their back pain reported healthier and more personally satisfying outcomes. More…