Health Buzz: Osteoporosis Drugs May Lower Breast Cancer Risk and Other Health News

December 11, 2009
Megan Johnson

Drugs known as bisphosphonates, used to slow bone loss, may also protect against breast cancer, the New York Times reports. Findings from two studies showed that women who took the medications were less likely to develop breast tumors. One group of researchers looked at data on 151,592 postmenopausal women; among the 2,216 women taking bisphosphonates, the team detected 32 percent fewer cases of breast cancer, according to the Times. A separate study conducted in Israel showed that postmenopausal women using bisphosphonates had a 29 percent reduction in risk. Study author Gad Rennert of the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology told the Times that the results indicate an association between bisphosphonates and a lowered risk of breast cancer. Some experts were cautious about the findings, noting that neither study proved causation and that the drugs have side effects, the Times said. More…