Holidays, Medicines Don’t Always Mix

December 17, 2009
Cynthia Billhartz Gregorian

The Missouri Regional Poison Center at Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center sees a bump in calls this time of year, director Julie Weber says.

Queries from callers range from how to deal with the child who ate poinsettia blooms to grandma who feels woozy from knocking back a cocktail after taking her pain pill.

“We give them treatment recommendations,” Weber said. “Our goal is to treat people at home and keep them out of emergency rooms.”

Weber and her crew must be doing a good job; local emergency room physicians report that they don’t notice an increase in patients seeking treatment for poisoning or overdose during December.

But they do think it’s important to remind people of proper safety precautions during a season that’s hectic and often alcohol-infused. More…