Learning Self-Help Reduces Pain

The inpatient education, behavior modification and physical re-activation program as pioneered by Drs. Wilbur Fordyce and John Bonica decades ago for treating chronic pain has since fallen out of favor and been replaced by a host of newer treatment strategies relying on mostly medications and interventional procedures.

Patient education, as found by this study however continues to demonstrate its sustainable value. In this study, even a short 2-day course in outpatient education helped to lower pain scores and stress level even months after the completion of the study.

Patient education should be a component of any chronic pain treatment. The time spent teaching patients on how to improve their lives has greater lasting value that compares favorably to most medications and procedures.

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Two-week self-help course cuts pain for arthritis patients

A fast-track self-management programme can significantly reduce pain scores and health distress in arthritis patients with chronic pain, according to a UK study.

Researchers said the ‘Challenging Pain’ programme – devised by the charity Arthritis Care and pain specialists at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth – is just as effective as a traditional six week programme, and improvements can continue for up to a year. More…