Multi-Center Data In A Large Series Of Patients Show Vertebroplasty Provides Dramatic And Lasting Pain Relief For Vertebral Compression Fractures

February 18, 2010

The results of a study of more than 4500 patients from six Italian EVEREST (European Vertebroplasty Research Team) Centers (Dr. G.C. Anselmetti-Candiolo Torino, Dr. G. Bonaldi-Bergamo, Dr. P. Carpeggiani-Pisa, Dr. S. Masala-Roma, Dr. M. Muto-Napoli,) confirms the effectiveness of vertebroplasty in treating vertebral compression fractures (VCFs), finding that the procedure provides significant and sustained pain relief.

Patients had immediate relief of back pain and were able to discontinue taking analgesics immediately following the procedure…more