Over-Indebtedness and its Association with the Prevalence of Back Pain

December 6, 2009

Over-indebtedness is an increasing phenomenon worldwide. Massive financial strain, as found in over-indebted persons, might influence the occurrence of back pain.

In this explorative study we examined the prevalence of back pain in over-indebted persons in Germany for the first time ever and compared it to the prevalence of back pain in the German general population.

Methods: A cross sectional study comprising 949 participants (52.6% women) was conducted to collect data on the point prevalence of back pain in an over-indebted collective. A representative sample of the German general population (N=8318, 53.4% women) was used as non-indebted reference group.

Results: The point prevalence of back pain was 80% in the over-indebted collective, compared to 20% in the general population. More…