Pain Specialists

10 Questions To Ask When Choosing Your Pain Doctor:

1. Are you Board Certified?
While many physicians consider themselves pain specialists, some may not have had formal training or Board Certification. At PainCare, all of our doctors are Fellowship trained and Board Certified. Dr. Larry Ho is double Board Certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology and the American Board of Pain Medicine. Dr. Khang Lai is double Board Certified by the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and the American Board of Pain Medicine.

2. How do you treat pain??
Pain problems can range from acute neck or back pain to intractable chronic conditions. Pain Management starts with a thorough history, physical examination and record review. Treatment plans may include interventional procedures, physical therapy and medications. We treat each patient as an individual, focusing on what each patient seeks the most in their lives.

3. What conditions do you treat?
We treat most all pain problems at PainCare. Our focus is on spinal and joint pain. Of these, neck and back pain such as herniated disc, sciatica and facet syndrome are the most common. As the leading pain treatment center in the region, we are experienced in treating other conditions as well ranging from reflex sympathetic dystrophy to shingles pain. Our goal is non-surgical relief of pain.

4. Are you an Interventional Pain Specialists?
Interventional Pain Medicine is the diagnosis and treatment of pain-related disorders using minimally-invasive interventional techniques such as injections and nerve blocks, in conjunction with other modalities of treatments such as non-surgical spinal axial decompression. All of our doctors are experienced interventional specialists. Interventional Pain Medicine is similar to Interventional Cardiology where Cardiologists (Heart Specialists) perform minimally-invasive heart procedures that preclude the need for patients to have open-heart surgeries.

5. What are some of the interventional procedures that you perform?
The procedures are many, ranging from epidural corticosteroid injections to radiofrequency nerve ablation, to spinal cord stimulator implantation. The most common are epidural steroid injections, facet joint blocks and selective nerve root blocks. Most of the procedures are performed in outpatient setting, takes only minutes, and require only local numbing. Sedatives are given to those who are very anxious about the treatments. We also perform electrical diagnostic nerve testing to help find the exact source of nerve involvement.

6. Where are the procedures performed at?
PainCare Surgicenter is a fully AAAHC and Medicare Accredited facility for meeting stringent performance requirements. PainCare Surgicenter is a freestanding, single specialty state of the art outpatient facility dedicated to the performance of interventional pain procedures. Unlike many mixed-use surgery centers and community hospitals, PainCare allows only clean treatment procedures (i.e. no infectious or contaminated cases such as ENT, colorectal or wound cases). Our equipment (including GE’s OEC Image Guidance System and the tri-planar cantilevered table) is optimized for pain treatment procedures. The combination of state-of-the-art facility and specialized nursing staff helps us do our job better.

7. Do you offer spine decompression therapy?
PainCare was the first Certified IDD Therapy Treatment Center in Orange County, California, offering the most advanced intervertebral differential dynamics technology. PainCare also utilized the DaVincix10 spine decompression technology for low back treatment.

8. How do you perform physical therapy?
PainCare integrates medical treatment with physical therapy, focusing on finding relief for our patients without resorting to surgery. Our Physical Therapist, Kristen Pitts, with a Master’s Degree, is one of the few dedicated pain management physical therapists with extensive credentials. Physical therapy at PainCare is performed under our Pain Specialists’ direct supervision.

9. Do you consult other Specialists?
Our doctors are well known in the community. We have worked with doctors of all specialties over the years. With our academic background, we remain in contact with many of the most renowned facilities and specialists in the country. If your condition requires, we will refer you to the best specialists either in the area, or across the country, so that you may get the care you need.

10. How do I get more information?
In addition to our website, with links to pain management resources, we have created the Pain Care Blog. Pain Care Blog strives to provide the most pertinent, useful and current information on pain management to the public. As health care information becomes more voluminous over the Internet, it is important for those who seek answers to evaluate their information sources carefully. PainCare screens for information from both medical literature and news releases from around the World.”