Medical Evaluation

Each patient new to PainCare will be seen by a Board Certified Pain Specialist. This meeting is an important face to face opportunity that allows the doctor to evaluate the patient closely. This is also a good time for the patient to voice any concern, and to have questions answered. The treatment plan will be generated from this initial meeting.

Interventional Procedures

From simple nerve blocks to nuceoplasty, PainCare’s board certified interventional pain specialists deliver the most advanced treatments. Treatment procedures are performed under fluoroscopic guidance for accuracy. PainCare’s state of the art surgery center is accredited by both AAAHC and Medicare.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is an important part of pain care not only to help restore musculoskeletal function but to also prevent future injury. Where many physical therapy practices focus on the repetitive, routine modalities, PainCare integrates the most advanced technology, coupled with innovative solutions to help patients stay with the treatment programs.

Medication Management

Much confusion exists regarding proper prescribing and usage of pain medications, especially narcotics.  On one hand, prescription pain medication abuse is prevalent.  On the opposite, when a patient is motivated and both the doctor and the patient work together as a team, proper prescribing of pain medications helps many maintain active and productive lives.