Top 10 Exercise Injuries For Women

August 11, 2009
By Mark Dilworth
Empowher – Women’s Health Online

Exercise injuries are as common as exercise itself, whether it be women or men doing the exercise. In coming articles, I will discuss injury prevention for each of the 10 exercise injuries that will be discussed in this article.

According to a study published by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “the incidence of exercise-related injury among women in the civilian population is not well documented. Civilian studies of male and female exercise participants provide some indication of the frequency of such injuries. Surveys demonstrate that the incidence of self-reported running-related injury is high. Annually, approximately 25%-65% of male and female runners report being injured to the extent that they reduced or stopped training.”

With this study as background, my experience as a trainer has been that many women’s’ exercise injuries are running-related, posture-related or due to training overload.

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