Why Sitting Up Straight May Get You A Better Ride, Too

Showing Some Backbone
By Alfonso Moretti

Sitting Up Straight Side View

Have you ever been at a rally and taken a really good look around? If you gazed long and hard, you probably realized the folks you’re checking out aren’t exactly the most stand-up group-literally. In other words, your motorcycling brethren are a bunch of slouches. The good news is that most of the general population has bad posture too, not just motorcyclists. The bad news is that the biggest cause of slouching is not laziness, but sitting.

That’s right-simply resting back on your glutes can wreak havoc on your spine. It can shorten your hamstrings, abdominals and chest muscles and lengthen your upper back, lower back and quadriceps muscles. All those little disruptions add up to bad posture, which can also result in back pain. I can’t tell you how many people I ride with have complained to me about lower back pain, neck issues, numb hands and so forth. And you’ve probably heard the complaints, too, or may have uttered one yourself. I’m not saying motorcycling is responsible for back issues, but it certainly doesn’t help-in fact it will likely aggravate most acute conditions. With over 50 percent of the population suffering some sort of back trouble, there is a good chance you know exactly what I’m talking about. More…